I hired Go To Girl, and Deb and her staff came to my house and were so professional. They worked diligently and completed the work with time to spare. The staff asked what else they could do to help me. Their customer service was outstanding.

Peggy Buckless

Go to Girl cheerfully, quickly, and indefatigably organized, coordinated and completed my interstate move for me. I did not have to lift a finger. I am usually the kind of person who does everything for myself and was concerned about hiring help. However, I was ill at the time and needed reliable help. GTG proved to be resourceful, quick thinking and flexible. Now, I have a new point of view on getting my projects done. In my work, I rely on support staff without hesitation. Now I do the same at home. I value the free time it creates for me, and the insight an expert brings to a new project.”


"Deb really is a "go-to-girl". She is able to see the order amongst the clutter and disorganization. When our backroom/break area had become out of control, Debi was able to envision a solution and put it into practice very quickly and reasonably."


"Go to Girl has recognized an important need in the community. As the proprietor of GTG, Debi has found a way to help people and let them know it is OK to ask for help. Life is busy. Why spend time worrying about what you have not been able to do when there are capable, efficient people who can help you with any project? Whatever the project, Go to Girl can handle it! I have watched Debi work with all types of people - seniors, overwhelmed moms, busy professionals, families on the go (like mine!). Debi has a calming influence which is valuable during any stressful time. She is resourceful and makes people feel comfortable while also making their lives less chaotic. I believe we could all use a little Go to Girl on a regualr basis.


I hired “Go-to-Girl” to help me prepare for a huge party. From getting the house ready for guests, to downloading a lengthy playlist on my ipod, it was such a help not to have to do all of the work myself. This service is well worth it!


“My craft room had gotten to the point where I no longer wanted to work on any projects – I just did not have the space. I hated the thought of cleaning that room! After working with Debi, I regained my interest in flower arranging and was back to doing one of the things I truly enjoy.”


Debi and the folks at Go to Girl are amazing problem solvers--they get right to the heart of your needs and help you reach your goals. I don't know how I would have managed my out-of-state move without G2G. Reliable, conscientious and efficient - you can count on them, no matter what!


“I didn’t realize I had accumulated so many things in those cabinets! While I may not cook the way I used to, my granddaughter was happy to have some of my kitchen items for her first apartment.”


Go to Girl is exactly what I needed in this difficult economy. I think most people are watching their spending these days but I say it is more important to watch your time. GTG works so efficiently taking care of projects in a fraction of the time it would take me to complete (not including the time spent worrying about getting it done). Having GTG help with our move made the entire transition easier… I am dazzled by your skill set!


"I am a working mother of 3 kids, ages 4 and under. When my husband and I decided to put our 3 bedroom townhouse on the market, my real estate agent suggested contacting Deb. I wasn't sure how Go to Girl was going to do to help, or how she could possibly restore some order to my house, but she assured me that she never had a client say her services weren't worth it. I am writing to say, GTG services are SO worth it. We were able to get our very cluttered home presentable and ready for market in (less than?) 2 weeks. A month and a half later, I think I'd still be trying to make it presentable had we not hired Deb. She swept in, organized closets, patched holes in the walls, packed boxes, weeded & planted flowers. She's a hard worker and so pleasant to have around. She's a calming force. Fortunately, we sold our house very quickly. Not only did she check up on me after her job with us was finished, but she was still helping me by finding people to do some repairs to my house. She is an asset and I highly recommend her services."


The “Go to Girl” is hardworking, efficient, and fun to work with. My husband doesn’t care for organizing and we always have a project that requires an extra set of hands. Debi and I work together and I get my projects done! Then, my husband and I have time to enjoy our home and boat - highly recommended!”


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