Thinking of Downsizing?

Are you ready to Downsize?

You may have recently become an “empty nester” and are looking for a more carefree lifestyle.  Or, maybe the recent downturn in the economy is forcing you to reconsider lifestyle changes to bolster your retirement savings.  Whatever your reason, making the “downsizing decision” should not come without careful consideration.  Here are a few suggestions to help you make the right decision:


Make a list

List the items that are important in your lifestyle. Include the elements you want to maintain in the future.

 Social network

Assess where your social support network is, both for emotional and practical support. How will your move impact your access to your network?

Financial considerations

Examine your financial situation and analyze the costs involved in moving or staying put.

Think ahead

Always think about possible next steps involved and how each step will affect you: ‘If this changes, what then?’


Talk to you loved ones. Share your wishes and desires, so there are no great surprises when the time comes to make your move.


Talk to your trusted advisors to gain different perspectives.  Professionals deal with these issues all of the time and are equipped to give you solid advice.


Although it seems like an odd time of year to move,  I actually know several families that are now in the process. Here are a few tips they have found useful – 1. clean out the garage first – then you will have the space to pack and store the items you don’t use everyday 2. Be sure to use a label to identify what room each box should go into when the movers deliver. It is also useful to generally list the items that are inside. i.e.: Kelly’s room, winter coats, snow boots, hats & gloves….. that way you will have some idea of where to look for things when you need them. 3. Back up your labeling with a master list of all boxes and their general contents so you can easily reference where items are located until they are unpacked. No one looks forward to packing for a move – Go to Girl also helps with moving projects to keep you organized, maximize your  efficiency and help minimize stress!  Consider how qualified, experienced help will save you time and aggravation.