5 ways clutter costs you money!

 There are so many great reasons to eliminate clutter from your life but what if being organized  helped you save money and become more thrifty!  These 5 facts may give you a new perspective on the clutter in your home:

1.  Replacements: Have you ever purchased an item at the store because you thought you were out? This often happens in the pantry. You thought you needed tomato sauce. You swore you were out.  4 days later, you find 6 jars on a random shelf in the basement. These were purchased as a back up but since you don’t have a good organizing system, these errors happen more than you care to admit.

2.  Deadlines:  Recent reports say up to 23% of adults are late paying bills (and incur late fees) because they actually cannot find the bills in their homes. Not only does this clutter habit cost you money but it is stressful too!

3. Fees:  Americans are hooked on self storage. According to www.bloomberg.com the self storage industry generates more than 24 billion dollars in revenue (2014 estimate) annually.  That is a lot of money that could be spent on other things – like a fabulous vacation, getting ahead on your bills, or a higher balance in your IRA.

4. Space:  The US Department of Energy reports that 25% of the households with a 2-car garage can’t use the space for parking because the garage is filled with “stuff”.

5.  Health:  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention magazine state unequivocally that 80% of our medical expenditures are now stress related. Clutter and disorganization create stress for everyone – from the head of the household to the child who can’t find her gym shoes for school.

So even after you have bought and paid for the things in your home, you are still paying to store, clean, move and manage your stuff!  Maybe looking at clutter from this point of view will motivate you to finally take care of your clutter problem.  Go to Girl Organizing Solutions can help you reclaim your garage, empty that storage space or set up a bill pay station.  Control your clutter and save money too – we promise it will make a difference in your life!



New and Improved GotoGirlMD.com

Well it is finally done!  Go to Girl has a new website that includes more information about all of the ways GTG helps our clients.  Since we started a professional organizing business, we’ve discovered new things we like to do and other things that clients ask for consistently. 

In addition to household and office organizing, we also help folks who are moving sort, purge and pack.  We can even orchestrate the entire move.  This service is particularly helpful for folks who are downsizing or rightsizing to a new home.  We also run errands – everything from shopping to stocking the boat for the weekend.

Take a moment to look at the new site – I’m happy to hear your feedback.  Click on the Like at the bottom of the page or add a comment and let me know what  you think.  Go to Girl is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Stay in touch and share your ideas for making life more organized and easier to manage. 

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