Downsizing: Are you in transition, or preparing for a new phase of life? You could be an empty-nester, recently retired or newly single. Maybe you’re chucking it all to go live your dream life!

Go to Girl can help you get ready for your new adventure by taking the stress out of the process. Here’s how:

  • Sorting through possessions and helping to determine what you will no longer need
  • Disposing of unwanted items (donations, sales, auctions, etc.)
  • Assessing the capacity and versatility of the new space
  • Using a floor plan to decide how to best set up your new home
  • Assisting with packing and preparing for moving day
  • Providing helpful suggestions and tactics to make the move smooth, successful and stress free
  • Providing vetted, reliable access to community resources and relevant vendors to expedite your project
  • Helping you simply in your new home so that you have more time to enjoy life!

Downsizing allows you to spend less time doing housework and taking care of the yard in favor of pursuing the activities which are truly relaxing and invigorating. Most people find the process refreshing and wish they had done it sooner.