September Tips & Tricks

Beauty & Brains: Finding multifunctional furniture is a no-brainer when you need maximum efficiency from your space. We found this ottoman which includes space for hanging files – it is so versatile and compact AND has castor wheels on the bottom. It will easily slide from couch to chair to wherever you need it. Mobile File Ottomans are all over the internet but we found these at

I See that!: I’ve used Motion Detector Lights outdoors for years but just recently started adding them indoors too. Undercounter in the kitchen, flush mount in the closet and basic plugins for the hallway – you can now find motion sensor lighting for almost any space in your home. And, while lighting is not thought of as a traditional organizing product, if you can’t see your space, it is hard to keep it organized. Think of the coat closet when you can’t find your other black glove
in the basket of gloves. This is a great place to have an automatic light that you don’t have to remember to turn on and off. Here is a link to a review of the Top 10 Indoor Motion Detector Lights to help you get started.

I See that too!: Bins are a part of life for Professional Organizers. We have our preferences and opinions as to what to buy and what not to buy. However, most of us agree that clear bins are the best way to store items for easy access. Especially now that the kids are back to school, helping them to be able to find their own things more easily is necessary. For example, we love using a see through shoe organizer on the back of the door for storing craft supplies. Look at
the beauty of this system on Pinterest. Teaching kids to organize their own items helps them learn self sufficiency and may stop the familiar question, “Do you know where my ??? is?!”

A smarter way to store food: Stasher bags are premium silicone bags I use instead of disposable plastic bags and containers. They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe and can be used over and over again. Stashers are also free of plastics, hypoallergenic, BPA and BPS. I use the large bags for storing flour, sugar and other staples that I don’t use frequently and don’t want cluttering my countertop. Plus, you can even pop popcorn in a stasher bag!
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