November Tips & Tricks

Practical gifts are in! 

Many of us have used our COVID at-home time to eliminate piles of unloved, unnecessary, or unexplainable household items. Now our desire for smart, well-considered products has increased. G2G spotted these nesting bowls in the Giant “savory” magazine (Thanks Mom!). They are multi-purpose, space-saving and so colorful, lightweight, and easy to clean – that’s a well-designed kitchen item! Measure, Pour, & Mix nesting bowls. Pretty enough to keep out on the counter but compact and storage friendly. 


Speaking of gifts…. 

G2G always advocates for smart storage systems. A good system can take a sprawling cabinet of pots, pans & lids from a source of constant frustration (=stress) to a well-ordered, easy-to-use solution. This adjustable pot and pan organizer looks sturdy and the shelves are adjustable to accommodate different sized pots. Smart! Adjustable Pot & Pan Organizer.  


Another great gift idea is a Go to Girl gift certificate. If you know someone who talks about “getting organized” but hasn’t been able to get started, maybe a consultation with one of our experienced organizers will help. Contact us today for more information. 

Baking bigtime this year?

Well-organized spaces are about location. The things you use most frequently should be the easiest to access. We recently worked with a client who loves to bake. She had many cabinets of baking supplies. Between the ingredients, decorations, and the many pans and tins, there was little room for primary kitchen items. The lack of space made her whole kitchen feel disorganized.

We used several medium bins to “contain” the baking supplies – dry goods together in one, tools and decorating supplies in another. Even the tins and cookie sheets were moved to a less convenient space (i.e., not at her fingertips). However, they are easily pulled from the top shelf of the pantry (which is typically hard to reach but provides plenty of vertical space)  when it is time to start holiday baking.