New and Improved

Well it is finally done!  Go to Girl has a new website that includes more information about all of the ways GTG helps our clients.  Since we started a professional organizing business, we’ve discovered new things we like to do and other things that clients ask for consistently. 

In addition to household and office organizing, we also help folks who are moving sort, purge and pack.  We can even orchestrate the entire move.  This service is particularly helpful for folks who are downsizing or rightsizing to a new home.  We also run errands – everything from shopping to stocking the boat for the weekend.

Take a moment to look at the new site – I’m happy to hear your feedback.  Click on the Like at the bottom of the page or add a comment and let me know what  you think.  Go to Girl is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Stay in touch and share your ideas for making life more organized and easier to manage. 

Go to Girl brings order and calm to your life with suggestions and ideas on how to keep anything organized and how to rightsize your home with minimal stress and confusion.

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