March Tips & Tricks

Our client Jennifer was interested in reorganizing her kitchen and pantry.  The cabinets and drawers were filled with appliances and gadgets. Her countertop looked like a Bed Bath & Beyond in-store display! She felt like the kitchen was no longer her domain as she was constantly moving one thing to get to another.

While we sorted through cabinets, Jennifer talked about the years of experimenting in the kitchen. We laughed about the fad appliances she didn’t use anymore. Jennifer also revealed her desire to learn to easily prepare healthy food. When we found the smoothie blender in the back corner of a base cabinet, she laughed and said she always wanted her own smoothie bar and would love to start each day with a healthy smoothie.

Here is where Go to Girl makes dreams come true. We decided to create a smoothie bar in Jen’s kitchen. From here forward, she would always know where her smoothie accouterments could be found:

G2G moved the blender to the countertop, near the refrigerator for easy access to the almond milk. The base cabinet trash can is also close to the space making it a doubly convenient location.

We added the fresh fruit bowl (from the top shelf in the pantry) to remind her to keep her favorite fruits stocked.

Jennifer found a cute tray to hold add-in ingredients (chia seeds, honey, oats, PB powder, etc).

A medium basket was used to store all her blender accessories and overflow of ingredients, so Jennifer always had a place to go to restock her supplies (stored in the pantry).

The secret to this organizing solution is really not a secret. When you always have a place to go to find the things you need (smoothie bar department), it is easy to establish new habits and make your space work for you.

It is also like knowing who to call when you need an organizing problem solved – Go to Girl Organizing Solutions!