May Tips & Tricks


Your answer depends on many factors. Is one of your rooms now a home office space? Do you have more people in your house during the day cluttering it up?

On the flipside, are you finding yourself with more time on your hands to organize but don’t really know where to start? Have you realized that TIME was not the reason you never cleaned out your closet?

Focus on these 3 basic organizing tips:

1. Sort & Toss- eliminate any items that don’t belong in the space you are working on. Throw away any trash, put things in their proper place, return those unwanted items to the store or donate them. Your space needs to be free of clutter before it can be organized.

2. Location, location, location- when arranging items, place them in close proximity to where they are going to be used. For example, your spices need to be near your stove, not across the kitchen.

3. Quantity is not always better- do you have 15 notebooks because you like notebooks but are only using one? Sure bags are fun to buy, but do you use them all? Consider donating any of your overstock to a shelter or maybe even consign and make a few dollars off of your clutter!

Good luck, but if you need assistance we would be happy to provide a consultation.