April Tips & Tricks

Time to get serious about the garage!

If your garage looks like this, it is time to get rid of some of that “stuff” and reclaim your space!  There are so many types of storage containers on the market. However, before you go and buy a new supply, survey the containers you already own. Once you start to purge, you may find you already have enough containers to complete the project. For immediate identification, I always recommend transparent storage containers. The quality, brand name containers are worth the extra cost – they hold their shape over time and are stronger and more durable.

Here are a few other tips I have discovered through my 11 years of professional organizing experience:

  1. Unless you are really strong or have really long arms, avoid buying the extra-large containers – they are usually more than one person can handle on their own.
  2. Try to buy your containers from the same manufacturer.  Every manufacturer has a slightly different design so if you have several different brands, they may not stack securely.
  3. Finally, labeling is also helpful if the container is filled with specific items that are hard to identify from sight.

If you store your holiday decorations in the garage, please take a few minutes to look through your collection. Often we forget the items we purchased during the previous holiday’s after-season sales. I always try to purge when I am repacking after the holiday, but that doesn’t always happen. Last year, I bought gorgeous new wrapping paper (at full price) only to discover I had purchased similar paper on sale after last Christmas. I think I am set with wrapping paper for a while!

The point of purging the things you no longer use it to free up space for the things you do. Survey your space critically and decide if you really need all that stuff! If you decide to get rid of a few items, pass them on to someone who is just starting out or give to a local charity. Keep them out of the landfill and let someone else enjoy them!

If you are ready to clean through that messy garage but need a little help, contact Go to Girl and we’ll get you started.

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