October Tips & Tricks

3 October Tips & Tricks to simplify your life NOW!


The feedback regarding last month’s tips & tricks news brief was so positive, we decided to continue sharing news of products and ideas that work for us. Us = friends, customers, family members – anyone who wants to share. 

  •  Maximize Your Counter Space – Don’t sacrifice precious counter space with a bulky dish rack. Ashley showed me this wonderful roll up dish rack. It actually rolls up and tucks away in the drawer. Plus, it is super easy to clean. I LOVE IT!  


After I told Grace about the rack, she found one with a utensil basket on Amazon Warehouse at a really low price – Double Score!!

  • Try something new: Have you tried Laundry Sheets yet?  They are slips of soap that you add to your washer! You can replace the heavy plastic jugs that hold traditional detergent and make your laundry life so much easier! I’ve been using Tru Earth for 2 years and have never looked back.  As they say at Tru Earth …Green, Clean and Simple! 

Danna thought they were great too. While not her typical housewarming gift, she started using Laundry Sheets exclusively and ordered them for her mother. 


  • Start a Donation Bag: This may be the easiest thing you can do to organize your closet. Instead of planning an afternoon closet clean out session, try another approach. Put a donation bag or basket in your closet. When you come across an item you no longer want, need, or like, toss it in the bag. Go with your gut and ask yourself, “If I were shopping right this minute, would I buy this?” If the answer is no, in the bag it goes. Set a goal of thinning out your clothing using this progressive method. In a few weeks you’ll have a full bag of donations ready to drop at the nearest area donation center.